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Master a new natural therapy with maximum efficiency in just six days of training with Excellium Shungite



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You Have Dreamed of a Simple and Effective Natural Therapy,

Finally, Available and Easily Accessible!


  • Complete teaching material
  • Training focused on practical integration
  • Follow-up and post-training support
  • Trainer with over 30 years of clinical practice and teaching
  • Innovative approach bringing together 4 powerful and synergistic elements


“Stand out with the Therapy of the Future.”

Complete training in just 4 days

Jacques Tétreault

Jacques Tétreault

Clinician of natural therapies for over 30 years, using acupuncture, osteopathy, massage therapy and several energy approaches. Trainer having taught internationally over 50 different courses.

It was by bringing together his many expertise and experiences that he was able to develop COSMONERGY, which is rightly called THE THERAPY OF THE FUTURE.


Life is mysterious and the knowledge of the forces of the universe is in perpetual motion. These movements consist of multiple levels of consciousness, energy and matter

95% of our functions, thoughts, emotions and structures are managed by the unconscious parts of our being

The application of Excellium Shungite on specific points of our body resonates the human and the universal life forces

COSMONERGY treatments help restore currents and circuits, in matter, energy and information, giving us access to our full potential for life

It’s an innovative, unique and deep treatment that stands out from other types of energy therapies

This approach addresses several aspects of the human being

This requires a minimum of physical effort

The only material required is a massage table and Acu-Boost disks.

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