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Cosmonergy Testimonials


Over the past 2½ years, I have started to experience various discomforts that led me to think that I was possibly developing a disease with serious consequences. I had more and more difficulty moving around, I had tremors in my hands and at other places in my body. I could no longer ride a bike and I had to hold ramps to go up and down the stairs. I had back pain and muscle stiffness.

As I couldn't get around with my bike anymore, I opted for the metro; a lot of stairs to go up and down.

After consulting a neurologist, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease coupled with essential tremors. This disease plays my balance, I felt aging and sometimes discouraged.

Now I'm medicated for the Parkinson disease, which gives me comfort, but since I have confidence in the future, I decided to look for other alternatives to help myself.

For the past 2 months, I have had the pleasure of receiving ten Cosmonergy sessions by Mireille Casimir, a Cosmonergy graduate. Following the first session, I had less tremors and muscle pain.

I was able to start exercising and moving around without having to continually have to hold on to a ramp. My morale is better, I am slowly finding my life and I even think I can continue to have fun as a tourist guide.

Currently I am receiving a Cosmonergy session every 8-9 days and my condition is getting better and better.

Big thanks to Mireille and Cosmonergy as well as the Excellium Grade Shungite which allows me to see the future with optimism.

Céline Bernier : Montreal, QC, Canada, January 13, 2020

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The COSMONERGY session is a portal to infinity. It harmonizes all the dimensions of the human being: the physical, the mental, the spiritual, the energetic and possibly other unknown dimensions for the moment.

Following the treatment, several benefits were: deep relaxation, improved sleep, better anchoring, increased energy and reduced fatigue. The treatments are very personalized since the body tells us what it needs. As we work directly at the source, at the energy level, it is not necessary to know the physical problems of the customer.

A new approach that deserves to be discovered for all its benefits!

Louise Laplante, N.D.: Brossard, QC, Canada, November 30, 2018


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I have suffered from energy dysfunction since my early childhood. This imbalance was very serious to the point of causing the deformation of my ribcage and a bad positioning of my skeleton.

For 30 years, I had no choice but to receive energy treatments, mainly acupuncture, in an attempt to eliminate this dysfunction. These energy treatments helped me to a certain extent, but did not allow me to heal altogether.

When I met the Cosmonergy, through Cédric Dufour, a therapist, I was amazed at the power of this new energy therapy. In 3 months of Cosmonergy, treatments (7 in all), I have progressed more than the 30 years of traditional acupuncture care I received.

Shungite disks placed on the body really provide an energetic force for healing.

This therapy is so powerful that it can re-position a deformed rib cage, as it did for me.

During the treatment, we feel the arrival of energy bringing a new state of being and a real transformation.

The interest in Cosmonergy is also to treat a wide range of imbalances that we can have in us, even in the spiritual sphere.

Best regards.

Adeline M.: Brussels, Belgium, Europe, April 05, 2019


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This training was well beyond my expectations. The content is very well developed. The material is well structured, easy to follow and makes the method simple for therapists and at the same time very effective and complete for the treated person.

Jacques Tétreault has been able to consolidate the power of the Excellium Shungite, his many years of experience and his trainings in addition to acupuncture, osteopathy and massage therapy enables us to deliver beneficial care for the people we treat. The ratio theory and practice is excellent. I left after the first part of the course, two days of training, with a good understanding of the care and the ability to practice before the end of the course.

Jacques is an excellent teacher. I have already treated several people with my new certification and the results, like during the training, are well beyond my expectations. We exist in a mysterious universe where energy contributes for much more than what we are currently rationalizing.

Thank you, Jacques, for developing this powerful technique that you have made so easy to understand and apply.

I loved the training

Nancy Bilodeau: Saint-Romuald, QC, Canada, April 19, 2019


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Since the installation of electrical meters called "smart" on the residence building where I live in the summer of 2017, I became "sick" and electro-sensitive. I react to the different electromagnetic waves that surround us and I am now unable to live near smart meters, relay antennas, high-voltage lines or exposed to Wi-Fi.

This results in headaches (temporal, frontal, top of the skull), nausea and stomachaches, sometimes dizziness and/or palpitations. My sleep quality has become, more or less, very bad during which I do not rest and worse my body is stretched and tense, trying to defend itself. Not to mention, in recent months, short-term memory loss, difficulty concentrating and following logical reasoning ...

I have tried several alternative approaches and one that has helped me a lot is the Cosmonergy treatment which uses Excellium Grade Shungite from Anti-Aging Alliance. By the second session, I began to feel benefits that lasted at least a week. It helped me decrease my sensitivity to the harmful waves up to a certain point.

I thank Jacques Tétreault for giving me this treatment.

Marguerite Gomes: Magog, QC, Canada, August 25, 2019


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Hello France,

Here is a sharing of gratitude that will, hopefully give you the irresistible urge to seize the wonderful opportunity and take the COSMOnergy course that is available to you!

My schedule was not suitable for attending classes, but I allowed myself and what luck!

After only two months, I can now say that this "treatment of the future" is an integral part of our family's lifestyle, a beautiful family of 4 boys aged from 5 to 10 years old.

My husband became addicted from his first treatment and warmly recommends it to everyone. Since then, he feels more in balance with his body than ever and he is truly grateful to have had the "Cosmo" as it is called here to accompany him in his evolution this fall.

My children immediately have an interest and need to have contact with this method of healing and WOW WOW WOW! I could talk to you about it for the whole afternoon ....

Laying Acu-Boost disks on the chakras, a pair of wonderful meridians and for the second disks, he suddenly became calm and serene. The pain disappeared as it came, we continued the treatment and he was completely up afterwards. Having known, I would have filmed everything to show how sudden it was!

I even became envious and was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to practice it to myself, a nice surprise!

Thank you!

Myriam Robinson: St-Hilaire, QC, Canada, November 30, 2018


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I would like to share my first experience of COSMOnergy treatment. The experiment lasted about 1h15. As I do not really have any health problems, Jacques Tétreault's explanations were simple and clear, I immediately felt comfortable and willing to discover this new approach.

He informed me that I had two unbalanced chakras, that of the Hara and of the Plexus. He then placed Excellium Acu-Boost disks at these locations and continued the process with other disks placed at different places on my body. I felt great relaxation throughout the treatment.

During the treatment, a connection emerged with a head trauma experienced during a light accident in 2008, where my head had tilted backwards and forwards, but for which I had not had symptoms afterwards.

Since Sunday, I felt a few times, a slight pressure on my forehead. I do not know if this is related to the treatment or intense heat with moisture.

To maximize the treatment, Mr. Tétreault gave me some tips for using Shungite Excellium disks. Thus, every day I have to put a Shungite disk on the Hara chakra, and since then I have felt great self-confidence, power and inner strength such as I had never felt before. I also feel supported by the power of Life. I find it wonderful and very gentle.

A big thanks to Jacques Tétreault for designing this wonderful natural and special technique.

Deep gratitude,

France Hébert: Sainte-Adèle, QC, Canada, July 5, 2018


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I would like to share with you my experience of a COSMOnergy treatment I received by Jacques Tétreault recently.

From the beginning of the meeting, I felt confident with simple explanations about the purpose of the treatment and the process.

I found the test techniques were very effective in finding the different points where to apply the Acu-Boost disks and the number of pellets to use. From the first disks placed in the appropriate places, I felt a very energetic work starting, even in places where there were no disks, on my head and especially in the lower back. I felt my body that was curved on the left side begin to retract and to straighten up. During the 17 minutes that the Acu-Boost disks were placed, thoughts came to me relating to life attitudes that I wanted to change with more conviction.

At the end of the treatment, I felt in a pleasant, light, relaxed and more centered state. I found it very complementary to receive additional instructions to continue the protocol with the Excellium Acu-Boost Shungite disks at my home while waiting for the next treatment.

Thanks to Jacques Tétreault and the Excellium Grade Shungite!

Éric Latour: Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC, Canada, June 30, 2018

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I was fortunate enough to receive a treatment from Jacques Tétreault, designer of COSMOnergy. I liked the clear and precise explanations at the beginning of the treatment, which put me at ease very quickly.

Without explaining all the details of my treatment, we worked on my physical side. I say "we" because it is about a collaboration between our body and the therapist thanks to the techniques used. I felt the power of the Excellium Shungite on my body, but at the same time, gently, making this treatment a great moment of relaxation.

I like how Mr. Tétreault divided the body to position the Acu-Boost disks and the different areas that can be worked with this technique. He does not ask many questions, he does not go into the details of the possible reasons for the selected points, but invites us to simply let the therapist, the body and the Excellium Acu-Boost work in synergy for a smooth effect.

The only word that came to me at the end of treatment when he asked me how I felt is "BEATITUDE". I truly believe that this revolutionary new system of natural treatment comes at the right time to contribute to the well-being of individuals.

Thank you

Marie-Noëlle Downing: Morin-Heights, QC, Canada, July 9, 2018

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When I was 17 years old, I had a major accident that caused 6 fractures to my left leg, all below the knee, including the tibia and fibula with internal bleeding. My foot was completely backwards.

I had surgery and the doctors installed metal plates and screws, and a haemovac was placed in the wound to suck the blood. However, this device stopped working 36 hours after installation, causing a blood pool that has putrefied and caused severe necrosis. Unfortunately, the situation degenerated and after the 4th surgery, I had only a 5% chance to save my leg. If the surgery did not work, they would cut my leg below the knee.

During my hospitalization for this surgery, I regularly had visions that I was running and walking as before. I have never let the 95% probability of failure settle in me. I rather adhered 100% to the 5% probability of success and that would be my reality. It worked, because today I still have my leg! The aftereffects were a locked falling foot and a loss of sensitivity where there was the surgery and transplant.

Recently, I tried the Cosmonergy sessions, and after my 2nd session, I began to feel the top of my leg again and this resumption of sensitivity was maintained because it is still present today. It's really amazing to finally be able to feel all the parts of my body again! I am really surprised by the results of this new Cosmonergy approach and I cannot help but recommend it to everyone!

Thank you

Joanna Lupien: Asbestos, QC, Canada, May 29, 2019


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