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The products required for COSMONERGY training are described in the KIT below.

Due to the fact that several students are already distributors of Anti-Aging Alliance products and they may already have products in stock for this training, they will only have purchase the missing products, if necessary, by contacting their local office.


  • 12 Acu-Boost
  • 4 Acu-Boost
  • 4 Ener-Boost
  • 100 Acu-Stix
  • 25 Acu-Stix
  • 2 Support-Plus

With this KIT, Cosmonergycians will become distributors COSMO Anti-Aging Alliance. This allows them to purchase, at the Distributor’s price, the necessary products to give the COSMONERGY sessions, as well as for the resale of the products to their customers during these sessions.

Distributor’s Discount also applies to other Anti-Aging Alliance products as long as it is for personal use by COSMO distributors.

If they wish to resell other Anti-Aging Alliance products, they will need to purchase the REGULAR DISTRIBUTOR KIT AND FOLLOW THE BASIC TRAINING.

For more information on DIFFERENT KINDS OF DISTRIBUTORSHIPS, please contact:



CLAUDE PROVOST (Sales Manager – Quebec and the Maritime Provinces)
Office: 833-880-8807 – Cell. : 819-572-1755 – E-mail: Claude@LaShungiteDuTherapeute.Com



CÉDRIC DUFOUR (European Community Director)
Office – +32 28 96 50 65 – Email:

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