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Dangers of electromagnetic waves

Electrohypersensitivity more and more recognized

The US Department of Labor says people with electrohypersensitivity (EHS) can benefit from reasonable accommodations at work. Its “Job Action Network” service recommends, among other things, that employers allow them to work from home and provide them with telephones and wired internet connections.

Article from the Gref magazine

The negative impact of antennas and wind turbines on the health of humans and animals. The development of new technologies, such as wind turbines or antennas that require mobile telephony, induce new forms of pollution.

Leukemia and Magnetic Fields: “we must protect our children” – Dr. Claude Tremblay

The former provincial environmental health expert criticizes Quebec’s refusal to protect children from excessive exposure to magnetic fields (MF), which he confirms to be one of the causes of childhood leukemia.

Using a cell phone and the appearance of brain tumors is confirmed

For the first time, in France, a law is adopted on the exposure limits of electromagnetic waves. This is the beginning of a recognition of the danger of radio frequencies on health. Among recently published studies, that of Inserm confirms the link between the intensive use of mobile phones and the appearance of brain tumors.

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