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Get More Out of Life by Living Young Longer!

Since forever, humans seek to delay, to the maximum, their time of death which brings us to eliminate the process of aging. Several research shows us that with the discovery and the advanced studies on the Carbon 60 (C60) commonly called “Fullerenes” which is naturally found in Shungite, we could well be on the right path to one of the key components of eternal youth.

Shungite is an exceptional stone, located exclusively in Russia, in the province of Karelia. It is unique in the mineral world because of the specificity of its molecular composition, the carbon C60 or Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley, which earned them the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Shungite is used in Russian hospitals with outstanding results. Outside Russia, this stone was pretty much unknown until 2009, but since 2012 it is receiving more and more attention and it is now being used in the European Therapeutic Community.

Researchers and users have shown that Shungite has many particular beneficial properties for all living things. The most important aspect is that its balancing properties span upon multiple energy levels. This stone is so powerful that it neutralizes everything that is harmful. It is therefore a perfect shield against geopathology radiation and electromagnetic waves (cellular phones and antennas, computers, high-voltage lines, cordless phones, WiFi, Electric smart meters etc.).

Is it the missing link to immortality?

Of course Anti-Aging Alliance does not have the goal to make you immortal next week, but rather to delay as much as possible the aging of your 100,000 billion cells so as to live young long enough to benefit from the great discoveries of the Nano-Medicine that are coming soon.

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We have made several study trips to Russia so that our Distributors can have the necessary knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of their therapies using Shungite. All our products are manufactured to our specifications to meet our high quality standards of “EXCELLIUM GRADE”. Researchers and users have shown that Shungite has many special properties and benefits for the living. What makes this stone important; its equilibrium properties extend over several energy levels. This stone is so powerful that it neutralizes all that is harmful. Consequently, it is a perfect shield against geo-pathological radiation and electromagnetic waves (antennas and cell phones, computers, high-voltage lines, cordless telephones, WiFi, smart meters, etc.).

Although Excellium Grade Shungite is easy to use, our Distributors have been trained to guide you through the selection and use of different Shungite products so that you are satisfied with the results. If you wish to have additional information on our products or for an evaluation of Harmful Waves at your office or at your home, it will be our pleasure to put you in touch with a Distributor in your area who will be able to advise you.


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