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Spin and Torsion Fields

In quantum mechanics and particle physics, spin is an intrinsic form of angular momentum carried by elementary particles, composite particles (hadrons), and atomic nuclei…

French Government Recommendations

  • Choose a mobile phone with the lowest SAR level possible.
  • Use your mobile phone in moderation.
  • Use a hands-free kit as often as possible and move your cell phone away from your head.
  • Avoid calling in areas where reception is not optimal.
  • Avoid calling while traveling at high speed.
  • Take into account that the transmission level is maximum at the beginning of a telephone connection.
  • Deliver these recommendations to children, especially the need to use a headset.

News surrounding electromagnetic waves

2012: Physicians for the Environment (PFE)
1500 Swiss doctors are asking for more stringent exposure limit values ​​for mobile telephony. In Germany, 1200 doctors require precautionary measures regarding the airwaves and public health.

May 2011: World Health Organization classifies radio frequencies in category 2B.
The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) of the WHO has classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

For 60 to 70% of French people, prolonged use of a mobile phone poses a risk to health (BVA 2008 / INPES 2009).

Many countries advocate reducing exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

2009: The Union of General Medicine
The National Academy of Medicine has issued a “warning against a subjective interpretation of the precautionary principle”, the GMS pleads for strict compliance with the precautionary principle and for greater vigilance in monitoring the effects of electromagnetic waves on the health of people.

2009: The Hague Appeal
50 doctors ask to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields.

2008: The call of 20
David Servan-Schreiber brings together a group of international experts to alert public opinion on the dangers of using mobile phones.

2002: The call of Friborg (2002)
150 German doctors of all specialties, especially environmental medicine (More than 1000 signatory practitioners).

– Sources: ASEF, MFE, WHO, SMG

The perception of risks related to mobile telephony by the French

Prioritization of the 9 major risk factors to health.

  1. 98.2% of people believe that tobacco can be dangerous to health
  2. 92.1% of people believe that AIDS can be dangerous for health
  3. 88.4% of people believe that carbon monoxide can be dangerous to health
  4. 62.2% of people believe that electromagnetic waves can be dangerous for health
  5. 62.1% of people think that indoor air pollution can be dangerous for health
  6. 60.7% of people believe that mobile phone masts can be dangerous for health
  7. 58.2% of people believe that mobile phone use can be dangerous for health
  8. 38.4% of people believe that microwaves can be dangerous for health
  9. 32.3% of people think Wi-Fi can be dangerous for your health

– Source: INPES, November 2009 / Study “The knowledge, perceptions and behaviors of French people vis-à-vis the risks related to mobile telephony” (Base: 1505 people)

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