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Scientific studies

Shungite and Oil: A perfect combination!

Summaries of research done with Shungite in combination with different oils.
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Russian Federation Academy of Military Medicine

Military Medical Academy. SM Kirov of St. Petersburg (Supervisor – Head of Department of Hospital Therapy, Colonel Medical Service, MD Professor VY Golofeevsky Artists – VN Nikitin, Natalia Kalinina, A.S.Ryzhov VV .

The Structure and Composition of Carbonaceous Fullerene

The structure and composition of carbonaceous Fullerene containing mineral Shungite and microporous crystalline aluminosilicate mineral zeolite. Mathematical model of interaction of Shungite and zeolite with water molecules.

Natural Fullerenes and Shungite

NATURAL FULLERENES AND SHUNGITE – intermediate between graphite and amorphous carbon containing 30% carbon, 45% quartz and approximately 20% mica silicate.

The presence of C60 in Shungite

Comparison of carbon in Shungite rocks to other natural carbons: An X-ray and TEM study

Electromagnetic protection patents

Shungite’s carbon shielding property is confirmed by patents from the Russian Federation and the United States. The US patent. N ° 6818821.

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