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Who we are

Anti-Aging Alliance Inc., an international company founded by Mr. Jacques Dussault. Mr. Dussault has chosen to contribute to the well-being of humanity by marketing a range of high quality Natural Products and a complete line of products of Shungite products, (more than 70 products), that have the distinction of protecting us from Harmful Waves. He also acts as Ambassador for of Dr. Emoto’s “World Peace Project” in Canada.

Our Warehouses in Canada and in Europe

Our Staff

Jacques Dussault

Jacques Dussault

President and Founder of Anti-Aging Alliance Inc.

Montreal business man, who was interested from the age of 14 in Anti-Aging. Since 1988 he has participated in several conventions and symposiums in the field. His favorite pastime was always looking for ways to extend life years as much as possible and in 2011 he decided to put his knowledge to benefit those who wish to participate in his passion to live young longer.

When he realized the extraordinary benefits of Shungite, he decided to devote all of his time to sharing the many benefits that this Stone of Life can bring to Natural Therapists and their clients..

Marie-Noëlle Downing

Marie-Noëlle Downing

Executive Assistant
Sainte-Adèle, Quebec, Canada, 1-833-880-8807

I have 15 years of accounting experience and a solid training in quality management system.

I have a great interest in natural medicines, food, cultivation of medicinal herbs as well as for permaculture.

I am very happy to have joined the Anti-Aging Alliance team and to be able to invest myself in a project that is as enriching on a human, personal and professional levels.

Claude Provost

Claude Provost

Sales Director
Magog, Quebec, Canada, 1-819-572-1755

Owner of a telecommunications and security system company with 19 employees for 30 years, his concern of the well-being of humans prompted him to become a massage therapist and Reiki Master, as well as an alternative medicine consultant for over 19 years.

His passion as a public speaker, author, trainer and life coach has taken him to discover that many people are unhappy and are looking for alternative solutions.

By discovering and experiencing the Shungite in particular with its beneficial effect to support the nervous system by installing calmness, serenity and confidence to all human beings and even the same calmness for animals; as well as its’ great ability to neutralize 95% of the harmful effects of wave forms of all kinds; he decided to have humanity profit from his experience in joining forces with the Anti-Aging Alliance team.

France Hébert

France Hébert

Customer service
Sainte-Adèle, Quebec, Canada, 1-833-880-8807

1995 was the start of my journey. I have a thirst for discovering the true meaning of life so I became a Reiki Master. Received a degree in EMC, The Language of the Birds (the language of the Soul).

In the last 7 years I beacame vegetarian and my health is essential. Practice meditations guided by a crystal vessel and crystal bowl and also do conferences.

In 2016 I discovered this marvelous stone called Shungite, this energy has transformed me so much that I now work for the company and I use this extraordinary product and every day I feel “Shungitely” better. Happy and honored to serve you Thank you France Hébert

Cédric Bourgault

Cédric Bourgault

Warehouse Manager / Sales Manager for Spas

With a great experience in customer service, I have developed a very good sense of organization and a concern for work well done. I stand out with my interpersonal skills, my dynamism and my “joie de vivre”. I am recognized as being hardworking and committed.

From a very young age, I wish to contribute to the improvement of the quality of human life. Thus, Mr. Dussault and Alliance-Anti Age fit perfectly with my values to help humanity extend the length of life in well-being and health. I’m proud to work with our team that drives Fullerenes!

“For me, working in the warehouse is like bathing in the fountain of youth every day … I am immersed in a sweet scent of eternal youth! “

Joanna Lupien

Joanna Lupien


I have always been passionate about wellness and health, and I am always on the lookout for everything that can improve and maintain vitality in order to live in good health permanently and for a long time.

Inhabited by this passion for balance and well-being, I practiced various therapies beyond 35 years. Graduated in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Blood Vision, Bach Flowers, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Digitopuncture, Geobiology and Letcher Antenna, Cell Reprogramming Kinesiology, Reiki Master, Training in NLP, Energy Harmonization and Channel of Consciousness.

I was looking for a way to counter the effects of harmful electromagnetic waves when Mr. Dussault crossed my path. At the first touch of this Stone of Life, I had never felt anything like it in all my being, experiencing and feeling so many harmonizing benefits in all my being literally fascinated me. Both physically, emotionally, calmly and energetically, it was unheard of in my entire career as a therapist.

Supported by Russian and Canadian scientific research such as Dr. Magda Havas, Paul Héroux, I had just discovered the cause of various ailments, discomforts and ill effects caused by harmful electromagnetic fields.

Alliance Anti-Age became the best vehicle for sharing this discovery with my family, friends and fellow therapists.

Michel Smith

Michel Smith

Regional Director

Health and well-being has always been a major concern for me. This is what led me to follow an orthotherapist training. I opened my clinic and practiced Orthotherapy for 15 years.

Meanwhile, for nearly 20 years, I started to develop and distribute a range of natural products EXCLUSIVE TO THERAPISTS for the province of Quebec and New Brunswick.

After meeting Mr. Dussault for the first time, I immediately felt that our life missions were inter connecting … “to provide therapists with the best health products ever!

Shungite, for me, is my biggest discovery in 20 years! I immediately “understood and especially felt” it’s immense power to “protect from harmful waves” and also as “the most powerful tool I have seen so far to restore the energy in our cells and ‘Awaken in us our powers. ”

Thank you, Jacques for having shared with me this information on the Shungite. I am particularly proud to be part of the Anti-Aging Alliance Team and to share with my customers “this gift to humanity!”

Maurice Larocque

Maurice Larocque

Computer Consultant

With a solid staff management experience and with good computer training, I have always been fascinated by the unusual discoveries.

Surrounded and influenced by people focused on health and natural well being, when I discovered the Shungite, I immediately decided to join the Anti-Aging Alliance team as computer designer.

This concept is really what I was looking for many moons, that is to say, to help people while staying close to nature.

Cédric Dufour

Cédric Dufour

Director Europe
Zaventem, Belgique, +32 28 96 50 65

Graduate in business management, tri lingual, I have always been convinced that our modern society could work more harmoniously and more respectful of the person, in its entirety.

With 20 years of experience as a business consultant and project manager, in parallel with my work, I worked as a Tai Chi teacher and master trainer in Reiki Unitary – Reiki of sound, combining this with other treatments. based on, among other things, the principles of Quantum Biology, coaching, as well as training in meditation and personal development.

My primary goal is to enable each person to develop their inner strengths, to find out who they really are, to understand their impact on their surroundings and develop their self-confidence, so that they can become “creative of their life”.

By its combined action on our physical body, our nervous system, our emotions, our thoughts and our direct surroundings, as well as all that it emits as harmony around it, the Shungite Grade Excellium seems to me to be the ideal tool. to support each of us in his personal evolution.

I am both happy and honored to be part of Alliance Anti-Age, to be able to share and provide such effective products with European therapists.

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